15 de diciembre de 2004

peazo comentario

Acabo de hacer un GRAN comentario en osnews, y odio ir por ahi chuleando pero es verdad. Un tipo dice que es gracias a Microsoft a que tenemos hoy un PC en cada casa. Y yo he respondido esto, fuera de pro/anti Microsoiftismos. Con faltas en ingles incluidas:

"The question is obvious. Why didn't they? Why didn't IBM trounce MS? "

Marketing incompetence.

I really don't buy that "microsoft made possible to have a PC in each home". But Microsoft was put in every home PC out there, that's true

When Microsoft was playing with MSDOS, Apple already had a operative system with a user-friendly GUI.

If "user friendliness" is the reason why Windows succeed, *WHY* people kept buying PCs with MSDOS when Mac's where available with nice GUIs? Perhaps people liked more the MSDOS obscure command line than Mac's user-friendly GUI? I mean, graphic interfaces were available *years* before windows come out...

The right answer is: PCs were cheaper than Macs. That's the only reason. People ignored the user-friendly Apple computers because the equivalent commandline-based PC's were cheaper. Any OS maker that would have put a cheap OS with a nice GUI in the Peecees before Microsoft would have kicked them, and that OS *would* have happened regardless of Microsoft. IBM managers just needed a kick in their butt to realize they could sell OS/2 as a "desktop OS", however they didn't and so Microsoft won the market. I don't really understand why people says we should "thank microsoft". Thanks for what? For being good at marketing?

If anything, I'll thank Intel because their price/performance ratio was great. Cheap enought, fast enought, that was the only reason PCs took the world, and that's the reason they're taking the server world today with the amd opteron, except that the server market is already there and the user one not.

We would have had a PC in every house *even* if Microsoft would have kept developing MSDOS and no OS maker would have launched a "GUI desktop OS" for the general public. I will NEVER thank Microsoft for putting "a PC in every home". It's just not true, hardware price *was* the true key.

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