30 de abril de 2005

frases interesantes..

...extraidas de aquí:

  • "Set it to use vi as editor, rm `which pico` and be happy - usually patch is mangled by pico, not pine itself.

    ..ooO(and if somebody starts whining "but puko is user-friendly" you don't want their patches anyway)" - Alexander Viro, explicando porque pine se come parches

  • "Linux doesn't support any sub-32-bit computers, and despite the occasional deranged people interested in retro-computing (ie Alan Cox) I doubt itseriously will.." - Linus Torvalds

  • "A computer is a state machine. Threads are for people who can't program state machines." - Alan Cox

  • "An innovation a day keeps the monopolist away" - Alan Cox

  • "> Wouldn't it have made more sense to make the 'len' parameter an unsigned int?

    Oh yes.
    And wouldn't it be nicer if the sky was pink, and God came personally down to earth and stopped all wars and made you king?" - Linus

  • "If I need to put content identification in, well guess what - thats a list
    ((my_name "Hello") (his_name "Foo"))
    and XML is simply lisp done wrong." - Alan Cox

  • "scanf is tough" -- programmer Barbie... - Alexander Viro

  • "People do have a right to put their code under whatever license they like. Now, _I_ won't use the stuff I don't have a source for unless I have exceptionally good reason to believe that authors of that stuff are among the few percents of programmers who *can* find their arse without outside help. But that has nothing to do with licensing or any moral considerations and everything to the fact that I know what kind of crap most of the software is." - Alexander Viro, software libre desde un punto de vista práctico

  • "> It seems they wold be throw! XML in kernel is too much. Openoffice and

    They won't be thrown. They will be slowly driven under the nails, so that victim could experience the joy equal to that of dealing with XML" - Alexander Viro

  • "cp -a fs/ext{2,69}
    cp -a include/linux/ext{2,69}_fs.h
    cp -a include/linux/ext{2,69}_fs_i.h
    cp -a include/linux/ext{2,69}_fs_sb.h
    for i in fs/ext69/* include/linux/ext69*; do
         vi '-cse ext|%s/(ext|EXT)2/\169/g|x' $i;
    vi '-c/EXT/|y|pu|s/2/69/|s/Second/FUBAR/|x' fs/Config.in
    vi '-c/ext2/|y|pu|s/ext2/ext69/g|//|y|pu|&g|//|y|pu|&g|//|y|pu|&g|x'
    had done the trick last time I needed something like that, but that was long time ago..." Alexander Viro, enseñando comandos simples para crear un sistema de archivos nuevo

  • "... and don't ask me about the extraneous parenthesis. I bet some LISP programmer felt alone and decided to make it a bit more homey." - Linus

  • "Call me stupid [ Chorus: "You're stupid, Linus" ], but I actually compiled and booted this remotely." - Linus

  • /* First check any supplied i/o locations. User knows best. <cough> */ - comentario de drivers/net/ne.c

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