4 de enero de 2008

El nuevo CEO de Red Hat

"I don't have an iPod (or a Zune). It won't play Ogg Vorbis files.".

There will always be distractions: suggestions that we should make a product proprietary, the idea that we can get to revenue faster by adding proprietary this or that. But we fundamentally believe this is a better way to build a software business. The two groups are appeased together. It's all about serving your core constituency--the customer. At Delta when we started into bankruptcy discussions, I told investors that I was going to focus on three things: Safe, clean, on time. We then relentlessly measured and focused on that. [...] [it costed] money because it requires people to make it happen. Were these decisions therefore wrong by Wall Street standards? No, because the customer is happy and therefore the customer spends more money with Delta."

Jim Whitehurst, programador que a base de escribir software para resolver problemas empresariales a sus clientes se aficionó a las finanzas, se metió en una compañía aerea y llegó a CEO. Piensa que Red Hat no ha hecho más que empezar a arañar el mercado de sistemas operativos.

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