2 de junio de 2008

Google: La velocidad importa

Este artículo sobre Google tiene un par de curiosidades muy interesantes:

"For example, Mayer said, the company wanted to find out how many search results to show users--the customary 10, or 20, 25, or 30? When asked directly, users said they'd like more results on a page, but testing showed otherwise. Specifically, Google found that when the results increased to 30 per page, people searched 20 percent less overall [...] the company found it was because it took about twice as long to display the longer results list for the user"


"The same effect happened with Google Maps. When the company trimmed the 120KB page size down by about 30 percent, the company started getting about 30 percent more map requests. "It was almost proportional. If you make a product faster, you get that back in terms of increased usage," she said"

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  1. Anónimo11:03 p. m.

    Filosofía no sólo aplicada a las búsquedas; muchos otros productos de Google beben de esta teoría: Gmail, Reader, etc.

    Está claro que no es un término que confundan con el tocino...

    PD: magnífico blog, Diego.